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For Good Dogs that need that "one more thing" to better fit into your life

Specific Behavior Consulting and Training (leash pulling, weak recall, etc..) is my most popular service, which I’ve been developing and perfecting since I started Puppy B Dog. I work closely with each one of my clients and their animals to implement my proven problem solving process. I know you have a busy schedule, so I will customize a plan that suits your lifestyle.



Add good leash manners

For those parents that would love to go on multiple walks... but would also love to keep their arm and shoulder where they originally belong to. 

4 one hour training sessions with your dog +

1 one hour session with you and your dog

COST $450


Get the Perfect Recall

Making sure that your dog comes when called is not only a fancy tool to have in your pocket, but a very important safety concern to ensure your dog does not get lost, or runs out in the street and into harms ways.

4 one hour training sessions with your dog, both inside your home and outside in real world situations  +

1 one hour session with you and your dog

COST $450


I said Wait!

If you have a dog that eats whatever he finds on the road... Or runs out the door the second you open it and you live in a traffic dense street, or you simply want to enjoy cooking without having 4 paws under your two legs all the time.

Wait at Door

Leave It

Got to Mat and Settle

6 one hour training sessions with your dog

2 one hour training sessions with you and your pup.

COST $700


I need to Vacuum!

Dogs do not come wired the way human are, and we cannot use words to explain that something might look frightening, but is not meant to hurt. It is very easy for a dog to associate an innocent tool like a broom (or vacuum, car, hat, bicycle, spray bottle, etc) to something that needs to be attacked because it appears scary. The good news is, we now know how to help them gain confidence, and even grow out of most fears and possibly ignore, or even enjoy the once feared tool.

DISCLAIMER: An evaluation is needed to determine how many sessions are advised.

This varies depending on how long the fear has been present, the age of the dog, and how often the dog will be exposed to the dreaded object. In any case, no less than 5 specific training sessions will be held. 

COST: Variable Starting at $90/h


Grooming and Husbandry

We all need our mani-pedi, or that new haircut... (or just get out that fantastic mud we collected at the park while chasing that ball or squirrel and oh yes!  that dead squirrel we rolled onto!)

And we also need to go see that Doc that gave us all those treats for sitting still while he was poking our skin and looking into our ears! 

All of this can be learned and none of it has to be a battle or fearful. It can be fun, when we teach the puppy to be handled in a rewarding way. And it pays off! 

This is a life long necessity.

6 one hour session with the dog +

4 positive Vet visits 

2 one hour session with you and the dog

Vet visits will be arranged with a Veterinarian of your choice.

COST: $1,005


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